Facility Manager Essentials: 5 Key Qualities and Skills Needed

In the FM industry, a facility manager needs to possess an array of skills and qualities. As facility management remains a diverse field, various abilities are required from any worker in the value chain. Based on the current marketplace, we list down five key qualities and skills of a facility manager that are in-demand and contribute to delivering a continuous stream of quality:


Financial Insight

Understanding an FM company’s metrics and KPIs are essential for being a successful facility manager and delivering on key performance goals. Taking a critical approach to delivery and always keeping the overall budget in mind, he/ she needs to stay abreast of the financial marketplace and the impact it has on the business.


Knowledge of Local Law

With different building permits and licenses required for development and maintenance in the UAE, facility managers need to have a clear understanding of the local laws that are applicable to their day-to-day business. In addition, having key contacts in the government sector are beneficial for gaining a better understanding or clarification when new regulations are imposed and local insight is required.


Understand The IT Sphere

An organisation will look to a facility manager as the expert in any FM software. With little time for other departments to invest in researching and working with the latest developments, the focus will be on the facility manager to be on a solid technological ground. A facility manager will have to keep himself/ herself apprised of the latest trends in any FM software development and ensure that all IT platforms are situated to solve problems and eliminate waste.


Highly Sustainable and Adaptable

As a facility manager, working across divisions in the organisation is essential. From IT to HR, the facility manager will have to interact with different departments on a daily basis. In addition, he/ she will have to proactively react to any hurdles and solve problems that are not routine. As the industry continues to change, it is important for a facility manager to consistently learn about better processes and IT systems in the field to remain relevant and informed.


A Team Leader and Communicator

A facility manager with the correct leadership skills listens and communicates in a manner that motivates, encourages and adds strategic value with every action and task. Respect is the cornerstone of every productive working relationship. As a facility manager, it is essential to identify the objectives of the team, learn what motivates them, and forge a professional connection that inspires each party to bring out their very best.

From leadership skills to the ability to constantly adapt to various changes in the legal, financial and construction sphere, a facility manager needs to consistently and constantly inspire those around him/ her to perform at an optimal level that is required for the business to succeed. More than just a 9-to-5 job, being a facility manager is a role that sets the standard for all employees in the FM industry.

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