CBFM introduces a set of online recruitment videos targeting potential FM job applicants.

Cofely Besix Facility Management (CBFM) announced it has introduced a set of online recruitment videos targeting potential FM job applicants. 

The videos, implemented as part of CBFM’s new recruitment process, are the first of their kind in the region, according to a press statement released by the company.

CBFM’s recruitment videos feature its employees – such as electricians and mechanical and HVAC technicians – describing their job descriptions and required skills for the position.

The videos, showcased on the company’s website, also include footage of each employee’s work environment and staff accommodation to give prospective employees a better understanding of what the role involves, as well as being able to visualise what it will be like working at CBFM.

These interviews are conducted in Hindi for the convenience of CBFM’s applicants – a majority of which originate from countries speaking the language.

Remarking on the development, Ian Harfield, CEO of CBFM, said: “As we move forward as a company, we are focusing on every aspect of our business.

“The world is changing, and so too is the way we use technology in the workplace.

“Technology has impacted all areas in our service delivery, yet the way we recruit hasn’t changed, until now.”

Harfield said the videos come in response to recruitment challenges in the region.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to attract quality staff and in the region, we have the additional challenge of having to deal with a variety of different languages and cultures,” he explained.

“The biggest challenge for us when recruiting new staff is that we encounter many applicants who each have their own interpretation of the text they read, and understanding of certain requirements for a specific job, mainly due to language barriers.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the videos. This is a huge step forward in our selection process, as it has become so much more streamlined, and applicants can now see, listen and understand the nature of the role.”

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