Soft Services

First impressions count

We provide a full range of soft services includes office services, reception/concierge, service desk, and cleaning.

Each solution is unique and we can also provide other services that don’t fit into the conventional facilities management model but are considered non-core to our client.

Cleaning Services

Cofely Besix facility management will spend time listening to your requirements and expectations before allocating the right cleaning method and level of service. We cater to all kinds of buildings, including commercial, retail, residential, government and schools, and can also provide initial cleaners/builder’s where required.


First impressions count, and the first person you meet when you enter a building is often the receptionist or concierge. This is a crucial service, but it is something that can be difficult to get right.

We recruit only the highest calibre people who undergo a schedule of rigorous training to enable them to meet and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding client.

We will formulate with you the Front of House procedures and ensure a seamless and professional service for all who interact with us. Our concierge personnel provide a professional and friendly face to meet tenants and visitors as they arrive.

Our receptionists provide so much more than just meet and greet. Our staff will provide you and your visitors with information on the area and local facilities including restaurants, laundry services and attractions. They can even book your taxi for you.

Technical Services

Technically focussed, multi-skilled technicians, Infrastructure and building maintenance.

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Integrated Management

Single point of contact for a range of services across multiple sites with one integrated team.

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Outsourced Services

Properly executed, outsourced services can dramatically reduce the time you spend on none-core activities.

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Airport Services

Fully conversant with every aspect of Airport Specialist Systems, utilising multi-skilled staff.

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Airports & Logistics Services A division of CBFM

Cofely Besix Airports & Logistics Services is fully conversant with every aspect of Airport Specialist Services, utilising multi-skilled staff to deliver maximum efficiency and add value at every level. We provide a single end to-end source of all Airport Specialist Services.

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We are now Engie Cofely!

ENGIE acquires Cofely Besix Facilities Management to deliver world-class integrated Facility Management and Energy Services.